Kathy Cody
Primary Series Role: Hallie Stokes 1897

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Other Characters: Carrie Stokes 1840, Hallie Stokes 1841 Parallel Time (pictured)

A shy and somewhat introverted orphan, the pretty Hallie Stokes is the adolescent niece of Professor Stokes and arrives as a guest at Collinwood. She quickly develops a strong friendship with David Collins, since both have a similar interest in the many supernatural occurences within the mansion walls. However, Hallie's curiosity soon leads her down the corridor of the vacant East wing and into a mysterious playroom, where the music of an early 19th century toy carousel plays a theme of ghostly possession...

Kathy Cody was born Kathleen Cody on November 30, 1953 in Bronx, New York. Born Kathleen, she is sometimes credited as such, though the more informal Kathy was used more often both on and offscreen.

Her professional acting debut was on the daytime drama The Edge of Night in 1965. On Dark Shadows, she played three roles in quick succession over the show's final year, continuing to tape after being injured by a car outside the studio. Kathy's other afternoon small screen appearances as a regular include As the World Turns and The Secret Storm.

Kathy is credited for numerous primetime guest roles including The Cheerleaders (pilot), Three for the Road, Doc Elliot, Barbary Coast, Dirty Sally, Barnaby Jones, The Partridge Family, The Waltons, Cannon, Love American Style, Gunsmoke, Trials of O'Brien, Naked City, Bell Telephone Hour, My Mother's House and Xerox Special: The Crucible, which also featured Thayer David and Clarice Blackburn.

Her television movie credits include Babe, The Last Day and Double Indemnity. She also appeared in an Hour after Hour television commercial, a film for cable titled Illegally Yours and also took a turn in the theatre with Uncle Willie.

Kathy starred in the Disney films Superdad, Charley and the Angel and Snowball Express. She also appeared on the big screen in Girls on the Road and Hot Summer Week.

Today, Kathy Cody is retired from acting and resides in Florida.

Biography written by Vera Marano


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