David Henesy
Primary Series Role: David Collins 1966-1970

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Other Characters: Daniel Collins 1795, Jamison Collins 1897 (Pictured), Daniel Collins 1970 Parallel Time, Tad Collins 1840, David Collins House of Dark Shadows

Young David Collins is the son of Roger and Laura, and the effects of their troubled marriage are plainly evident in the young boy's character. Growing up in a household filled with hatred and tension, David is a reserved, introverted child, whose obvious intelligence can manifest itself as spite or malice. Damaged by a tense relationship with a distant father, and confused by the loss of his mother, David is isolated and restricted by the world of Collinwood…

David Henesy was born on 20 October 1956, in Glen Ridge, New Jersey. According to contemporary interviews, he was interested in languages and science as a child, in addition to acting. David eventually grew tired of the acting profession, leaving the cast of Dark Shadows in 1970.

Outside of Dark Shadows, he appeared in commercials for Quaker Oats. Before joining the cast of the show in 1966, David had already appeared on stage extensively in a touring production of Oliver! For nearly a year, and in a short-lived Broadway musical, Jenny. This experience proved invaluable for heavy learning demands Dark Shadows imposed on its actors. David was also a model for the Sear's catalogue.

Following his departure from Dark Shadows in 1970, David largely retired from acting, with the exception of a role in a 1973 episode of The Waltons, The Thanksgiving Story and a brief role as a student on Another World in 1976. Throughout the 1980s, he carved out a career as a restaurant owner, with several successful eateries in the Manhattan area, including Petaluma and Punch.

Today, David Henesy is happily married with three children, Lucas, Charlotte and Sofi, and lives in South America, where he currently works as the Managing Director of a hotel development company. He recently gave an interview for the 35th Anniversary tribute book
Dark Shadows Memories.

With thanks to David Henesy

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David Henesy at the Dark Shadows studio in 1969. Courtesy of Dean Wilson David Henesy poses for a 1969 magazine shoot. Courtesy of Dean Wilson

In January 2002, David Henesy paid a visit to this site and shared his comments, which you can read by clicking here.


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