Diana Millay
Primary Series Role: Laura Radcliff Collins 1966-67, 1897

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Other Characters: Laura Murdoch Collins 1897, Laura Collins Night of Dark Shadows (pictured)

The estranged wife of Roger Collins, Laura arrives at Collinsport seeking to reclaim her son David. However, Laura's apparently serene, beautiful visage, masks a darker past. Having suffered a mental breakdown following the collapse of her marriage, she has spent time in a mental institution and has been left with an obsessive compulsion to reclaim David, convinced that he holds the key to the stability she seeks. However, her interest in him may be guided by darker forces, which lurk in the flames of her mysterious mythical phoenix she is seemingly in thrall to...

Diana Millay was born in Ry, New York, where she spent most of her childhood. Her birthday is 7 June.  As a child, Diana proved herself to be a capable actress, essaying more than 40 roles in live television shows in New York during her teen years.  At this time she was also a teenage cover girl and model, featured in numerous magazines.

In the years that followed, Diana appeared in five Broadway theatre productions and a national tour throughout the United States and Canada.  Moving to California in the 1950s, Diana appeared in over 100 filmed television shows, including Bonanza, Dobie Gillis, Father Knows Best, Gunsmoke, The Man from UNCLE, Maverick, My Three Sons, Perry Mason, Rawhide, Rifleman, Route 66, Thriller and The Virginian. On the big screen, Diana's roles include parts in Street of Sinners and the cult classic Tarzan and the Great River.

It was while pregnant with her son in 1966 that Diana found herself cast in the role of Laura Collins in Dark Shadows, which proved fortuitous, since her condition prevented her from working elsewhere.  Her role on the show was a hit, though her impending maternity precluded her storyline being extended.  Although asked to portray other roles on the show, Diana declined, fearing that it would deplete the character of Laura.  In 1969, Laura returned to Dark Shadows with Diana at the helm.  Her other daytime work included a sustained role on the soap opera The Secret Storm.

During the 1980s, Diana moved away from acting to work as an entrepreneur specialising in real estate and art sales, amongst other things.  In 1996, Diana indulged her life-long passion for cookery when she penned a cookbook, titled I'd Rather Eat Than Act, which she followed with an audio book, Eating for Good Luck and The Power of Halloween in 2003  She has also written a biographical work, One Hilarious Marriage, which currently remains unpublished.  Diana currently maintains a personal website, located at dianamillay.com.


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