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Adam 1968

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The mysterious man-made Adam was an intriguing hybrid created by Dr. Eric Lang from human body parts stolen from graves. Brought to life by Dr. Julia Hoffman using the life force of Barnabas Collins, Adam shares a special bond with Barnabas in that one will experience what happens to the other, be it pain, illness or death, freeing Barnabas of his vampiric curse in the process. Childlike, suggestable and inquisitive, he is befriended by Carolyn Stoddard, Professor Stokes, and Nicholas Blair, who manipulates Adam's loneliness, doubt and quest for love as a means to enact a diabolical plan for a race dedicated to Satan...

Robert Rodan was born Robert Trimas on January 30, 1938 in Newark, New Jersey.

His early roles on the New York and Los Angeles stage include Elizabeth the Queen, Sand Castle, Hail to the Chief, The Communist,The Hasty Heart, The Long Goodbye, The Shewing Up of Blanco Posnet and Detective Story.

Prior to his role as the man-made creature Adam on Dark Shadows, Robert's credits on the small screen include a Cheer commercial and guest appearances on The Gary Moore Show, Day in Court and The Karen Show.

Robert's big screen appearances include Looking for Love, Goodbye Charlie and The Minx.

Over the past three decades, Robert has operated a successful real estate business in Southern California, reverting to his original name. He is currently pursuing a return to the world of entertainment, with plans to produce a theatrical musical.

Biography written by Vera Marano

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