Kathryn Leigh Scott
Primary Series Role: Maggie Evans Haskell 1966-1970, Return to Collinwood

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Other Characters: Josette DuPres Collins 1795, 1966-1970, Rachel Drummond, Lady Kitty Hampshire 1897, Maggie Evans Collins 1970 Parallel Time, Maggie Evans House of Dark Shadows

Before becoming Collinwood's resident governess, Maggie Evans was the cynical waitress of the local Collinsport Inn. Protecting herself from the hardship of the world, and the grim realities of her life with a rich vein of humour, Maggie is a survivor. Filled with pity for her alcoholic, widowed father, Sam Evans, it is Maggie that supports the Evans household, ever aware of the shadow Collinwood and the Collins family casts over their lives…

Kathryn Leigh Scott was born Kathryn Kringstad on 29 January 1943, in Robbinsdale, Minnesota. Demonstrating an interest in writing and acting from an early age, she studied acting throughout college, graduating from New York's Academy of Dramatic Arts. Whilst studying in New York, Kathryn led a dual life as "Bunny Kay" at the Playboy Club, a job she retained through her first few weeks of taping on Dark Shadows.

Kathryn was one of the original Dark Shadows cast, having originally auditioned for the role of Victoria Winters. In 1970, she decided to leave the show to move to Paris, where she married her long-time beau Ben Martin. The couple eventually moved to London.

Over the next fifteen years, Kathryn continued to act in the United Kingdom and America. Her work included a long-standing role on the London stage in Harvey, alongside James Stewart, along with guest appearances in numerous television series, including Space: 1999, Hammer House of Horror, Magnum P.I., Police Squad, The Incredible Hulk, The A-Team, Star Trek: The Next Generation, The Professionals and Matlock, along with a recurring role on Dynasty. She also essayed principal roles on Big Shamus, Little Shamus and Philip Marlowe, Private Eye.

Kathryn's film appearances include roles in Turn of the Screw (directed by Dan Curtis, The Great Gatsby, Providence, Witches Brew and 187.

In 1986, Kathryn established Pomegranate Press with her then husband Ben Martin. The company's first project was My Scrapbook Memories of Dark Shadows, a self-authored 20th anniversary memoir. Following the success of this project, she has continued to edit and publish works under the Pomegranate banner, including many Dark Shadows-related titles.

In 1998, she wrote and published The Bunny Years, an exploration of the Playboy Bunny Girl phenomenon. The book was a bestseller and Kathryn later co-produced a spin-off documentary. In 2000, Disney purchased the film rights to The Bunny Years, which remains in development. She has also written an original novel, Murder in Prime Time.

Today Kathryn maintains homes in both Los Angeles and London, and is married to Geoff Miller, founder editor and publisher of Los Angeles magazine. She recently completed the manuscript for her first novel.

In 2003, Kathryn reprised Maggie in the Return to Collinwood reunion audio play. The character was now a widow, but had enjoyed a happy marriage with Joe Haskell over the intervening years. In 2006, she again reprised the role for Big Finish's series of Dark Shadows CD audio dramas.

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