Sharon Smyth
Sarah Collins 1967, 1795

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The innocent child Sarah Collins is the daughter of Naomi and Joshua and lives on Collinwood estate with her older brother Barnabas in 1795. She becomes the precious pawn of the vengeful witch Angélique during her attempts to manipulate Barnabas into marrying her. Just prior to her 10th birthday, Sarah's fate was the first of many to be sealed by the shadow of the vampire's curse, leading her to spectral enternity that crosses two centuries, where she will be the catalyst for Barnabas' redemption in the present day...

Sharon Smyth was born on November 29 1957 and raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Prior to her stint on Dark Shadows, she played the role of Susan Carter on Search for Tomorrow, another daytime drama. Her other small screen credits include a Pepto Bismol commercial.

Today, Sharon Smyth is retired from acting but occasionally gets involved with behind the scenes activity in local community theater. She is happily married with children and occasionally appears at Dark Shadows fan events.

Biography written by Vera Marano

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