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  "My Name is Victoria Winters…"  A young governess arrives in Collinsport, Maine, where she embarks on a terrifying journey to uncover her mysterious past...
1966 Overview | Episode Summaries
The Vampire Arrives... Supernatural forces arrive at Collinwood as the flames of the Phoenix threaten to ensnare David and vampire Barnabas Collins is unleashed.
1967 Overview | Episode Summaries
The 1795 Flashback... Victoria uncovers secrets when she journeys to the past, while in the present, warlocks, witches and vampires menace the Collins family...
1968 Overview | Episode Summaries
The 1897 Flashback... Barnabas Collins travels back in time to save the life of David and redeem the restless soul of Quentin from the clutches of Count Petofi...
Under Construction - coming soon
Parallel Time and Beyond... As mysterious elemental forces plot to enslave the Collins family, Barnabas takes a journey sideways in time to an alternative world...
Under Construction - coming soon
The Dying Days... Adventures abound in the year 1840, as Barnabas and Julia battle to save the future and family intrigue haunts the world of parallel time...
Under Construction - coming soon

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Screengrabs by the Mysterious Benefactor
Written with reference to Ann Wilson's Dark Shadows Episode Guide, published in
Dark Shadows Memories (Pomegranate Press Ltd, 2001)

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