Year by Year: 1966
Victoria Winters begins a quest to uncover her past...

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Primary Cast: Joan Bennett (Elizabeth Collins Stoddard), Louis Edmonds (Roger Collins), Nancy Barrett (Carolyn Stoddard), David Henesy (David Collins), Alexandra Moltke (Victoria Winters), Mitchell Ryan (Burke Devlin), Kathryn Leigh Scott (Maggie Evans), Joel Crothers (Joe Haskell), Mark Allen (Sam Evans), David Ford (Sam Evans: Second Casting), George Mitchell (Matthew Morgan), Thayer David (Matthew Morgan: Second Casting) Clarice Blackburn (Mrs Sarah Johnson), Dana Elcar (Sheriff George Patterson), Diana Millay (Laura Collins)

Departures: Mark Allen (Sam Evans: First Casting), George Mitchell (Matthew Morgan: First Casting)

. . . .
The show's first title sequence

Plots and Shocks

  • Orphan Victoria Winters arrives in Collinsport to be a governess to David Collins, sensing that Collinwood holds the keys to her mysterious past.
  • Was Burke Devlin guilty of manslaughter? And how far will he go to gain revenge against Roger and the Collins family?
  • Who murdered Collins employee Bill Malloy to maintain his silence?
  • Do ghosts really inhabit Collinwood?
  • Roger's estranged wife Laura returns to reclaim David, but has she come back to Collinsport a changed woman?

Production Notes

  • Writer Art Wallace developed the Dark Shadows concepts and characters from an idea by creator Dan Curtis. He incorporated many elements from The House, a NBC Goodyear Playhouse teleplay he had written in 1957.
  • Two location film shoots took place for Dark Shadows, an innovative step at the time. To read more about the show's locations, click here.
  • Dark Shadows initially taped at ABC Studio 2, at 24 West 53rd Street, New York. From late August, the show moved to ABC Studio 16, at 433 West 53rd Street, where it would remain for the rest of its run.
  • Throughout 1966, Dark Shadows aired at 4.00pm EST on ABC-TV.
  • The show recorded a 4.3 Nielsen rating for its first year, with a 17.8 share across 2.64m daily homes. This figure translated to over 9m weekly viewers.
  • Composer Robert Cobert recorded his earliest Dark Shadows music in London. He pitched the theme tune to creator Dan Curtis by whistling it in Curtis' office!
  • For a detailed account of the making of the first episode, click here.
  • An uncredited Kathryn Leigh Scott played Josette's ghost in episode 70.
  • After three episodes Thayer David replaced George Mitchell as Collinwood caretaker Matthew Morgan. Mark Allen left the show after seven episodes, with David Ford taking over his role of Sam Evans.
  • Episodes 83 and 120 are lost on videotape and survive as kinescope film copies.

Episode Guide

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