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Additional photographs of the Dark Shadows cast in other roles can be found in the Cast section of this site. Cast photographs are included on each individual performer's page.

Dark Shadows Original Series Publicity Stills

1966: David Henesy, Alexandra Moltke (Victoria) and Louis Edmonds (Roger). Episode One: Joan Bennett (Elizabeth), Louis Edmonds and Alexandra Moltke.
Jonathan Frid plays scary for one of the earliest publicity stills of Barnabas Collins (1967). Jonathan Frid poses for a publicity slide used for the show's original broadcasts.
Jonathan Frid and Alexandra Moltke in a wistful pose on the foyer set (1968). Time out. Jonathan Frid, Louis Edmonds and Joan Bennett relax on the set.
1897 Flashback: David Selby (Quentin) poses with the distinctive gramophone prop. 1897 Flashback: David Selby (Quentin) poses on the Collinwood drawing room set.
1897 Flashback: Lara Parker in a contemplative pose in the Collinwood foyer. 1897 Flashback: Louis Edmonds as the troubled patriarch Edward Collins.
1897 Flashback: Humbert Allen Astredo as the malevolent Evan Hanley. 1897 Flashback: Michael Stroka as Aristede, Count Petofi's villainous henchman.
1897 Flashback:Thayer David (Count Petofi), David Selby and Humbert Allen Astredo. 1897 Flashback: David Henesy as Jamison Collins. fggggggggggggggg
Donna Wandrey (Roxanne) pictured during 1970. Courtesy of Donna Wandrey James Storm (Gerard Stiles) and Kate Jackson (Daphne Harridge) rehearse (1970).
One of Sy Tomashoff's original floorplans for the Dark Shadows studio (1970).    

Dark Shadows at the Movies

House of Dark Shadows: Nancy Barrett as the staked vampire Carolyn Stoddard. House of Dark Shadows: Nancy Barrett poses on the grounds of the Lyndhurst estate.
House of Dark Shadows: Barnabas Collins and Maggie Evans (Kathryn Leigh Scott). House of Dark Shadows: An ominous Barnabas at the abandoned monastery.
House of Dark Shadows: Maggie Evans. ffffff fffffffffffffffffggggggggggggggg House of Dark Shadows: Barnabas and Maggie prepare to marry at the film's close.
Night of Dark Shadows: David Selby (Quentin) and Kate Jackson (Tracy). Night of Dark Shadows: David Selby (Charles) and Lara Parker (Angelique).
Night of Dark Shadows: Diana Millay (Laura) in an atmospheric publicity shot. Night of Dark Shadows: Hanging about! Angelique meets with a grisly demise.
Night of Dark Shadows: Grayson Hall as the sinister houskeeper Carlotta Drake. Night of Dark Shadows: Nancy Barrett (Claire), during the celebrated seance scene.

Dark Shadows Promotional Graphics

Jonathan Frid crowns Christine Domaniecki Miss American Vampire (1970). House of Dark Shadows Venezuelan newspaper cutting. Courtesy of Alejandro Ordoñez
House of Dark Shadows Venezuelan poster. Courtesy of Alejandro Ordoñez House of Dark Shadows Some abstract character likenesses on an Italian poster.
House of Dark Shadows United Kingdom home video cover. Courtesy of Roger Clark    

Dark Shadows 1991 Revival Series

Jean Simmons (Elizabeth) and Ben Cross (Barnabas). Courtesy of Sci-Fi Channel UK Ben Cross (Barnabas) and Joanna Going (Victoria). Courtesy of Sci-Fi Channel UK
The same old fang! Ben Cross poses as the vampiric version of Barnabas Collins Ben Cross and Veronica Lauren (Sarah Collins), pictured during the 1790 flashback is operated by the Dark Shadows Journal
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